Our friends at Porkmaru on National TV!

Our friends at Porkmaru on National TV!

Porkmaru, which reads "Marupok" backwards is a take out restaurant in Quezon City offering putok batok favorites such as Crispy Pata & Sisig. Owners Arch. Ashley Mendoza and Engr. Will Giron were my former officemates when they started the business because of the pandemic. We witnessed their commitment and hard work juggling both their careers and the business, and June 1st 2022 they were featured at DZMM Teleradyo with Tsang Amy Austria and the gang! Watch their video here and get tips.

They have expanded their menu and in 2021 we partnered with them to supply Laing and Santol which we produce straight from Bicol.

 Check out their official page here to order, please like and follow them as well.

 Want to add laing, santol and bicol dishes to your business? message us.



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