Ano ang Libas sa gata?

Ano ang Libas sa gata?

When we first introduced Libas or Libas sa gata in Metro Manila in 2017, we realized it wasn't as popular as we expected it to be, unlike Laing.

Libas or plum leaves have been widely used in Bicol as a souring agent for Meat Soups, like the way Sampaloc or Mango by our neighboring Provinces.

Popular to Rinconada, Libas is also cooked like Laing. "bangi" or Carabao flesh is added or Chicken.The young leaves are chopped and dried for a few hours and simmered in coconut cream and spices. The sourness of the Libas leaves combined with the sweet, creamy taste of coconut milk makes this a savory dish.

(Watch video below)

Libas sa gata is available in bottles you can bring anywhere. It's our bicol version of pesto.


Traditionally eaten with steamed rice, our community explored interesting ways to enjoy this Libas sa gata, check out ideas here.


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