natuk Ideas!

natuk Ideas!

Traditionally, natuk is best enjoyed with steaming rice as main course or side dish, but our Community has gone beyond tradition to make the dish more enjoyable, and the possibilities are endless! Here's some of them and if you have created one, share with us!

14 Level up Chicken Curry with Libas sa gata. Watch video here. 


13. Shrimp Scampi Laing a la pobre Pasta by Hazel Cheffy (Cooking Ina)


12. Quattro Formaggi with Libas, by Punaderya



11. Sourdough with Libas, shared by Raffy Wolfe


10. Laing melt, beyond natuk - perfect for nachos! Heat a tbsp each of mayo, butter, quick melting cheese & Laing a la pobre and pop in the microwave.


9. Katnga - pronounced "Kat-nga" is our local version of Laing in Rinconada. It's  simply Laing + Libas combined. Scoop 1 part of Laing a la pobre and 1/2 part Libas sa gata, mix and enjoy with rice.


8. Black Pasta mixed with shrimps, Laing & Libas ( a la squid ink pasta) shared by Chiqui Kalaw 


7. Libas Egg Omelette, shared by Anj De Villa from Canada

libas egg omelette natuk


6. Libas pasta with toasted garlic bits, shared by Sheena Marie Macalalad



5. Bacon Laing Pizza, beyond natuk (photo by Apple Tagum). You can use a ready made dough in the grocery. Spread pizza sauce, laing a la pobre and slices of bacon, and bake in the oven.

bacon laing pizza natuk


4. Libas Quesadilla style, beyond natuk. Spread Libas sa gata, some mozzarella & parmesan cheese over pita bread, fold and warm on a non-stick pan enough for the cheese to melt.

Libas quesadilla natuk


3. Santol, Ham, Egg toast, shared by Arnold

Watch Tiktok video here

Santol Ham Egg Toast natuk

2. Spicy Pork Belly with Santol sa Gata by The Sexy Chef

Watch video here.

Spicy Pork Santol natuk


1. Fillo wraps by the Happy Capsule

Easy and quick baking for a gourmet snack!

Watch video here.




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