The First Food Tasting Menu In Rinconada-Bicol!

The First Food Tasting Menu In Rinconada-Bicol!

A night to remember happened last February 23, 2024  It's the First Food Tasting Menu in Rinconada-Bicol area. A Post Valentine event at beyond natuk Iriga City Camarines Sur.

Food Tasting Menu event at natuk iriga
First Food Tasting Menu Iriga natuk


Mario was on vacation when he called me I have marketing plans for Valentines. I had nothing in mind, he then shared the idea of a food tasting menu, a concept that was new to me.

The idea is to craft Spanish dishes with Bicol ingredients as an alternative is unique and a great concept to share to our community. In just a week of preparation we did it and with the help of Floyd Margallo, popular as Blaremazing a local content creator with thousands of followers. Check out his page.



Chef Mario Llorente Babol is a native of Nabua Camarines Sur, We went to the same University in College. He then went on to become a Chef in restaurants in Barcelona Spain. 

Mario also features Food and Travel vlogs, follow his journey as Fat Kalabaw.

The event was attended by 28 guests from 6 to 9 in the evening. Our small Specialty shop became a fine dining restaurant that evening, with table preparations, tea lights and flowers.

The 6 course menu highlights Spanish cuisines infused with Rinconada-Bicol flavors.

Bignay Sangria

For drinks, we served Bignay Sangria, a Spanish drink of bignay wine mixed with lemonade, apple and grapes.
Bignay wine, also known as bugnay wine, is a Filipino fruit wine made from the berries of the native bignay or bugnay tree. It is deep red in color and is slightly sweet with a fruity fragrance. Don Ramon Tropical Wines sells Bignay Wine.

Bibi Clam Meat

Our appetizer, Bibi in Mediterranean Brine. Bibi or Clam meat is a molusc abundant in the freshwaters of Buhi in Camarines Sur. The Bibi is confit cooked in very slow fire infused in olive oil.

Santol Pasta 

The sauce of our Pasta is Santol sa gata infused with Sili labuyo, local honey from Naga, topped with Kinchay grown in Buhi and crushed pili nuts also sourced in Iriga. Check out hydroponic vegetable produce from Pinmi Hydroponics  Buhi Camarines Sur.

Chicken Canneloni with Libas sa gata

First of 3 Entrees, Chicken Cannelloni made from wonton wrappers stuffed with a chicken meat mixture. The savory sauce that is made from coconut based roux and a light stock infused in herbs lemongrass and with Libas sa gata or Plum leaves cooked in coconut cream.

Pork tenderloin in adobo sauce and red wine reduction

Pork Tenderloin in adobo sauce and red wine reduction

A wine reduction consists of simmered wine that “reduces” (i.e., thickens) by evaporation into a new liquid mixture with a higher concentration of flavor and a more viscous consistency.

Pan-seared Tilapia

Pan-Seared Tilapia in Tahin vinaigrette of pickled onion, cucumber and pako (edible fern). The sauce is reduced from the fish bones. 

Kaimito Star Apple Tempura

And for our dessert, Kaimito tempura style in dark honey and drizzled with Kalamansi zest. You can get pure honey from our fried Larry's Honey

Our friends, Karl Camila with Mun from Singapore also came. They are championing the local arts scene in Bicol.

 natuk crew

A picture of our natuk crew with Chef Mario, these guys are the best. They readily accepted the challenge to make the event a big success! 


Photos by Dirky Paronda, Ashley Lleno, and Blaremazing. Watch the tasting video here .

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