Meals worth sharing

Our story began in 2017 with the idea of bringing Bicol food closer to friends and colleagues here or abroad. We tested our products in a home kitchen and launched it in Facebook. We sold 2 bottles.

With grace, we slowly grew. Today our products have been shared in over 50 Cities and 21 Countries.


Craft Rinconada-Bicol food that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


We offer food products of Rinconada-Bicol heritage:

In 2017 we launched our flagship products online- bottled Santol sa gata & Libas sa gata. 

Year 2020 we pivoted to Ready to Heat products in microwaveable containers for NCR market - BEx, Dinuguan sa gata, Pork Laing, Tinuktuk in response to Pandemic lockdown/ work from home scheme.

2021 - Market slowly reopening, we opened our door to Resellers. We were granted FDA license to both our flagship products and the same year we launched our 3rd bottle - Laing a la Pobre.

2022 Present - Catered to B2B market - grab and go stores/restaurants. From living online, we will soon open our first store in Iriga City - beyond natuk.

Sharing something good

Our focus is helping our Rinconada Community progress, from ethical sourcing of raw materials to providing decent livelihood and tourism.